Saturday, December 26, 2015

Snapshots from Christmas!

Merry Day After Christmas! Did everyone have a great time? It was such a great day I wanted to share a bit of it here :)

This is from Christmas Eve just before the kids went to bed. We are all so in love with our Joanie jammies this year! I need to get a pic of me and Brett in ours as well.
I decided at 10pm the night before Christmas that I wanted to have a special breakfast Christmas morning. I found this recipe from Our Best Bites and it was a smashing hit! I haven't been a huge fan of cinnamon rolls so far but these ones have changed my mind! I would say I'll be making them much more often but with one roll ringing in at 546 calories they will be saved for the specialist of special occasions. Look at the shade Scarlet Witch is throwing. I think she is jealous of our festive breakfast.
Kent got three different Lego sets this Christmas and somehow Lorelai only ended up with one. All the same the first few hours post gift opening were spent assembling legos.
I've known for weeks that Lorelai would be getting her first Kindle for Christmas and I've jut been giddy with anticipation. The big surprise however was that I got one too! Mine is on the left, Lorelai's is in the rainbow leopard print, haha.
She was thrilled to discover HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE already loaded and ready to read. The nerd in her was very, very happy.
Here is Brett, asleep, with his brand new activity tacker...

Haha, despite the irony of this photo Brett and I have been very active lately getting a run in every night before bed. We've got a few fitness goals (largely running) coming up in the next year (including a 5k on New Year's Eve!) and Brett's  new VivoSmart will help get him in gear.
How was your Holiday?

What was your favorite gift you gave? and received?

Any plans for the weekend?
I'll be doing my best to not to go to any shops and just hang out with my family!


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