Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW 2013 Day 1

Have you heard of Kids Clothing Week (KCW)? Its been around for a little while now but this is the first time I will be participating.

The idea is that you set aside one hour every day for a week devoted to kids clothing sewing. In some ways its not really a stretch, at the moment all my sewing is kids clothing :) But I certainly don't get to put in an hour EVERY single day. So I am excited for this challenge, I could potentially get so much done this week!

But get what done? With all of my sew along's done and my kids clothing collections somewhat in disarray I wasn't sure where to start, nothing was "speaking" to me. I decided to be brave. I decided to spend this time working on a project that scares me, something that I am not entirely sure how to do- but I've wanted to for a long time. I don't know about you, I'm pretty sure it's human nature, but when I'm uncertain about how to do something or intimidated by the time or effort it will require I put it off. Sometimes I put it off so long it isn't even a possibility and then I am so disappointed with myself. NOT this time! This is how I will be spending KCW...

I'm turning one of the dresses I've designed into a digital pattern! The Nicole dress will be the guinea pig but if it goes well I could be entering a whole new world of kids clothing. I'm so excited for me, haha. I think it'll be wonderful having a hard copy of all my work and it'll be so nice not to have to reuse the same wrapping paper pieces over and over again. Did I mention I'm excited? Scared, but excited. Now I must return to my work, or maybe do the dishes, or maybe find out where Kent keeps finding those candies... I'll be back tomorrow with another update! Keep an eye out ;)


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