Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kent Camo & Behind the Scenes

So today's pictures are mostly to convince you that Kent was not neglected by way of camo. He is a rare and elusive beast and difficult to capture on film, especially when his clothing helps him blend into his surroundings!
So here is what we've got..



064 Such a cute busy little guy. I love this traditional t-shirt. With his sudden growth spurt I have had difficulty getting the size right. I think I've finally got it. He looks comfy and ready to play. Just one last picture with his sister and he was free to go. 068

 Since this was such a short post I thought that I would share what I am working on at this very moment.

 Next week is the final week of this "season" of Project Run and Play. The theme is Spring Formal. I considered submitting the kids Easter outfits but I felt they were on the casual side and fit in nicely with the chevron challenge anyway. So I've come up with something completely different.

 To start this project I came up with a pattern in my head. Then I needed to build a muslin.

I wanted to get the fit just right with out having to mess with the actual fabric. I stay stitched my muslin pieces together then tried the dress on Lorelai. Then I pinned the seams in to make the bodice very fitted and allow the skirt to still flare out. I re-sewed the altered seams and double checked the fit on Lorelai. Next I trimmed the excess of the altered seams and pulled out all the stitching I had done. This left me with the perfect pattern pieces to lay out on my beautiful fabric, pin and cut. Good to go!   Collage

That's it for now! Tune back in on Monday to see the final look :) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You are amazing! How do you do all this? I love Kent's shirt!

  2. Thanks Lindsey! It requires a commitment to less sleep than I should be getting :)