Monday, April 8, 2013

Camo Ruffles Revisited

So this weeks theme for Project Run and Play's sew along is "It's all in the Details". I thought and thought about what my favorite detail is and then I slapped myself for being a dunce. Ruffles. I add them to so many outfits!

Remember these?
Ruffle Collage
Top Left - Flower Girls               Center - Pink Hearts                   Top Right - Peterson Pictures
Middle Left - Happy Easter                                                           Middle Right - Mommy and Me Aprons
Bottom Left - Happy Easter                                                           Bottom Right - Ruffle Bum

Apparently I've got ruffles coming out the wazoo and its about to get a little worse!

Camo is kind of a big deal to my husband. He is really into Duck Dynasty right now, so camo is really on my brain. I for sure wanted to make a camo shirt for Kent for his Spring Collection but I had so much extra of this wonderful knit camo I decided Lorelai needed a little somethin somethin too. Enter Project Run and Play...


When Lorelai first saw what I was doing she said, "Camo isn't for girls!" I told her sure it is, you'll see.

060 As I was sewing down the ruffles she came back again and said, "Really Mom, I don't think camo is suppose to be for girls." I told her to get real, boys don't wear ruffles. Not at my house anyway, ha.

057 When I was sewing the beading to the first ruffle I asked her if it looked more girly. She said, "Um, sure."
I told her to stop doubting already! It would be cute.
She wasn't convinced.
Finally I said, "It will be cute, it will be girly, and when I am done we will go outside and take pictures with your bow and arrow!"
Boy, was she suddenly excited and totally on board!

055 052 056
That looks like a happy kid to me! Do you think the camo worked for this girly girl? See you Thursday for Kent's day in the camo spot light, if I can get him to stay still long enough!

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