Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 10 Recap 2014

Spring Cleaning! It slapped me across the face and I have been a busy little bee! I've been systematically working through our apartment cleaning and organuzing things to their highest potential. I constantly find myself wanting to sew but I think, I've just got to get such and such clean first. Then my sewing gets pushed back days! Or the other extreme happens and I just ignore everything and it just gets worse and worse. So now I am trying to get things in shape so that I only have to spend a few minutes a day maintaining and have hours left to do what I, or the kids, or Brett wants to do.

Inspite of all the cleaning I did manage to squeeze in some sewing and blogging!

In sewing land Project Run and Play announced their themes so I made a fabric run and started working on the first theme, "Take Me to the Zoo". Inspiration, Sparkle the Cat. More on that later.

Last week on the blog I shared with you the six year old pictures I did of Lorelai. I thought this would be a good moment to share some detail shots with you.


Originally I was just going to do the pleats on the bodice but when I thought about the rest of the dress it just seemed too plain. So I drafted up a sleeve pattern with the necessary space to accommodate three little pleats. I love how they turned out and helped carry out the "theme" of the dress.

Have you been crafty recently? I've got so much more to show you, be back soon!

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