Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 9 Recap 2014

This post could have also been titled : The One with the Really Bad Photo Quality. So brace yourselves.

Brett decided an hour before bed time that I needed to sew up my new skirt so I could wear it to church the next day. I hemmed and hawed for a few minutes and then went for it. I was on such a roll! I flew through the construction of my own skirt and then decided Lorelai could also use a dress.

Originally I was just going to mention that it all happened but as I was getting ready for church a wave of bravery came over me and I had Brett snap a picture. I'm not at a point in my life where I am particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Especially as I'm in that adorable, kind of showing, not quite showing, could just be a chubbers point of pregnancy. It's delightful. BUT it is my goal to take more pictures this year and I want my kids to see me in these pictures so I did it. Plus, I'm going one step further and sharing it here. Go me. Enjoy.

016 024
Well, as for the rest of the week I had different crafty plans that went straight out the window. We found out Sunday the Brett's Gma Peterson had passed away. So Monday- Wednesday went to preparing to leave for Utah and Thurs-Friday were spent in Herriman, Utah. Saturday we came home and my week was gone. I did manage to slip into a fabric store before we left Herriman. I told Brett's aunt that I wanted to visit a fabric store that I can't go to here so she recommended Nuttal's. It was a dream!! They had so many jersey knits and minky fabrics it was insane! I made out with a few knits and I am thrilled about them.
photo (8)
 I've already whipped up another skirt for myself and I can't wait to work with the rest. Happy sewing, friends. See you later this week, hopefully I find my battery charger so I can snap some pics and share them with ya!

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  1. i dig those colors on your skirt.
    and that blue knit... can't wait to see what comes from that one.