Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 13 Recap 2014

Burn out. That pretty much describes my week last week. Mon- Wed I did NOTHING crafty. I got my house back in order and on Weds I went and helped out in Lorelai's class. At the school they told me that 3 kids had thrown up in the hall way the day before. I thought to myself, "Gross, throwing up is the worst. I hope my kids don't get it.." so far they haven't. I sure did! That night while everyone was gathered at my house for book group my back started hurting crazy bad. I was totally baffled. I put our heated blanket on my back and Brett got down the tylenol for me and I managed to go an hour and a half before it happened. It was like a switch was flipped and it was time to ralph. I felt so bad and kicked everyone out. I just pray none of them caught the horribleness. It wasn't wasn't even one of those nice over night things. I suffered through that until early Friday morning. Misery!

It's funny the way being sick makes you think about yourself. I've been sewing a lot for Lorelai recently. Probably because it is easiest and the inspiration is constantly flowing in.. So I was lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself waiting for the next time the sickness would over come me and I could see into my closet. I found myself staring at my favorite shirt that has a stain on the front so really I shouldn't wear it any more BUT I love it and keep forgetting about the stain until I put it on. So in a moment of strength I pulled myself out of bed grabbed the shirt and cut out the elastic. Then I was sick, went back to bed and haven't touched it again. So funny. I'm such a wierdo. So the plan for that shirt is to copy it and make a few more just like it and then use the unstained parts to make a shirt for Lorelai. I'm excited. Friday was a good day. I was feeling pretty weak but my stomach and my head were feeling good again and I finally made some progress on Kent's half of my current project. Which is good because it is making its bloggy appearance this Thursday! Until then feast your eyes on the sneak peek.... that everyone on Instagram already saw. Untitled


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