Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 11 Recap 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I discovered something interesting last week. Lorelai doesn't have any green clothes. I took a couple of days and looked through everything shes got and I guess there are a couple of dresses that have flecks of green in them but nothing significant. Then I thought, well, I guess I need to make her a shirt to wear. So I started riffling through my fabric stash and guess what I don't have? Green knit. Nada. Then comes the last chance idea, I cross my fingers but alas, I don't even have green fabric paint.

Well, Thank you St. Paddy's day. You have pointed out a serious hole in Lorelai's wardrobe. I may not have noticed for months yet. I guess green is just not a color that we are particularly drawn too. Oh well. It wasn't in the budget to run out and get something green for just one day. I'll have to work on that in the future, maybe by next St. Patrick's day she'll have something green to wear. For those concerned, I did send her to school with a nice green bow to avoid being pinched!

Today is a special day for another reason. Today Desmond was officially adopted into our family! I miss that giant little boy. I'm so afraid the next time I see him he will be taller than me!
(sorry phone pic) 

On a more crafty note here is a peek at what's coming this Thursday! 03.15.04
 See you then :)

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  1. i like how you say you have no green, but then there is green all up in your sneak peek.
    guess it's not exactly a school outfit though... haha