Thursday, July 24, 2014

Feature Friday: The Perfect Purple Swimsuit

You may remember that a few months ago I made Lorelai a bright yellow swimsuit and posted about it here. I was totally inspired to make more swimwear because, guess what, it's insanely easy and goes together very quickly.

I wanted to challenge myself and make a swimsuit for someone other than Lorelai. Making a suit for myself was actually what came to mind first but finding my size cups totally intimidated me. I thought making a suit for my sister would be a good in between step and since she has been staying with me it was the perfect opportunity.

Bekah and I have done a bit of shopping while she has been here, the girl is growing like a weed and is always needing new clothes. It seemed like everything she was interested in, if it wasn't Pokemon or Minecraft, it was purple. I was pleased with this because I had the perfect purple swim material already hanging out in my stash!

Now I sewed this swimsuit completely off the seat of my pants, I didn't use a pattern just loosely based it on a swimsuit she already had. I started with the most intimidating part.


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook this will already look familiar because when Kent saw this he said, "I like those ears, Mom." It was hilarious and I had to share.

Sewing in the cups was intimidating but actually not very difficult. Once the bra area was done I was good to go and the rest of the project went together lickety split. I finished Bekah's swimsuit in time for her to wear it on our trip to Water World and I was so glad she was so excited for it.

Just for you we got in a couple of pictures before we got to all the water slide fun!
Look at the legs on this chick! You'd think she is six and a half feet tall.
Look at this next picture. The whole time we were at the park I kept wanting to say, "I am just so proud of that bra piece!" But we were with my dad and husband and I thought that might get a bit creepy so I'll brag here: I am just so pleased with how it turned out!"
Lorelai won the Favorite Daughter Award this morning when she said, "I should put on my swimsuit you made for me and we can both wear awesome swimsuits!" Snaps for Lorelai! So just for fun here are my swimsuits together :)
I can't get over it, I'm in love with swimsuit making. I'm tempted to get another one sewn this season but I really think the next swimsuit I make will be for me and since I am having a baby next month I should probably wait until I know what shape I'll be next summer. Really though, I'm having a baby next month. I've probably got bigger fish to fry. Ha ha, see you next week!


  1. You should hold sewing parties! Or classes!

    1. Haha, I'd love to do a sewing party but I'm pretty sure it would just be you and me.

  2. I think the side detail is my favorite part. And the ears. Lol

    1. Me too, funnily enough the side detail wasn't a planned part of the pattern but necessary for fit.

  3. Amazingggg!!! If you started selling these I would buy one! There is nothing I hate more than swim suit shopping. Nothing fit! You're so awesome Lisa! SO talented!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I find it hard to believe that its difficult for you to find a suit!

  4. Wow!! That looks great! Swimsuit fabric intimidates me like no other. I'm so impressed that you can just whip up clothes like that so easily and make them look awesome.