Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Morning Energy

It's funny to say that I have so much energy in the morning considering I am 34 weeks pregnant but it is true. For a year and a half I was throwing newspapers from 1-5am. Shockingly enough I wasn't getting enough sleep and it was seriously affecting my day. Since I quit back in March I've slowly been coming back to myself and I really felt the difference when Lorelai started school last week.

I woke up the morning of her first day and I had so much energy I made breakfast and found there was still extra time so I sat Lorelai down and did her hair. I love doing her hair and it was one of the first things I let go when I was tired all the time. I've been having so much fun with it that I decided to share here what has been going on.

Last week's successes:
First Day of School
Untitled Untitled
I was so thrilled that I already owned this yarn that perfectly matched her shirt. Crocheting this flower went lickty split and I love it.
So does Lorelai, she likes things with pizazz ;)

This was a Lorelai request. She really wanted a zig zag part.

Spirit Day!
Untitled Untitled

Future hair posts probably wont be so picture heavy. I imagine over time I will get use to all the energy and the novelty will eventually wear off but for now I am having fun and you get to enjoy it too.

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  1. haha. i'm pretty sure i have a denim skirt that matches lorelai's 3 tier one.