Thursday, September 10, 2015

Behind the Scenes and Advice from 1949

A lot is going on around here in my world but at the same time not a lot at all.
Post surgically speaking Kent is finally doing really well. No more fevers or infections and he is getting more and more used to having a belly button tube put in every night. On the other hand, preschool is not going well. Sort of, he hates that he has to go but seems to have fun while he is there. I finished his sweater, yay! Not really, now that I've knit on the ribbing it no longer fits over his head. I need to undo it and add stitches. I'm so angry at the sweater I put it on time out in the kids closet for the time being. Naughty sweater. At least the orange yarn was nice to me. I had already finished off one sleeve, the bottom of the sweater and had just finished off the second sleeve when I realized this was all the yarn I had left. Score.
Untitled Lorelai has been off track for the last three weeks and finally went back to school today. 7 has been a really fun year. She is such a crack up to be around and old enough to start "getting things". She has been working on a quilt for her uncle and managed to get all the blocks sewn together for the top. Still needs the borders but she's feeling pretty accomplished right now.
Now Mark, He's just hanging out.
Haha, have you seen this advice from an old Singer manual?
You must have, it's been floating around the interwebs for a couple of years now and every so often one of my sewing friends will post it along with a big, YEAH RIGHT!

Honestly though. I think there is a lot of wisdom to this. That first bit about your mental state when approaching sewing? Absolutely true. A lack of motivation to finish a project is a total buzz kill but when I've pumped myself up mentally for a while I am ready to hit the machine and sew some awesome things!
Now I don't always change out of my pj's or put on make up before I sew but I do get my chores done! On the days that I don't I am distracted with guilt and hoping that hurry and get my stuff sewn so I can try and get some cleaning done before my hubs gets home. So instead I spend an afternoon turning my disorganized coat closet/pantry into this...
So that my mind it free to enjoy my sewing and I spend a peaceful hour or so making beautiful things like this:
and then my husband still looks like this--->     :D
I want to know!
How is your day going?

Do you get to sew today?

Can you relate to the 1949 sewing advice or is it total bunk;)?


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