Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NaKoa Mini Quilt

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Lots of fun things going on around here :D
This past weekend Lorelai and I ran a 5k together.
Super fun news, my dad's new book comes out today! Go here to check it out and enter his giveaway for a Kindle HD7!
Now the best news of all for my sewing friends? I'm participating in Kylie's  Mini Charm Challenge. She challenged 7 of us bloggers/instagrammers to design and share a free pattern (that's right, FREE) using a mini charm pack.

I was thrilled to join in this challenge because I have a little pile of mini charm packs just waiting to be used. You're likely to build up your own pile if you participate in many mini quilt swaps because they are the perfect extra. Tiny pretty fabrics all bundled up and ready to go? Yes, please!

I decided to use my Color Theory by, VandCo for this pattern and while my husband and I were watching Hawaii 5-0 I was struck with my design inspiration. I went back the next day and got a still of the image that struck me.
Haha, my husband can't believe I was inspired by another man's "man nipples". Well I was and here is what I came up with...
I love the checkerboard that bleeds into triangles and I really enjoyed creating those triangles. Here's a quick visual for you.
You can pick up your copy of my FREE NaKoa Mini Quilt at my Craftsy shop. I hope you enjoy it and if you choose to make your own, please share pictures and #NaKoaMiniQuilt social media!

For your viewing pleasure here are the other stops on the Mini Charm Challenge:
Sept. 14 - Jennie (cloverandviolet.com/blog) Pencil Pouch
Sept. 15 - ME!! (L1sapeterson.blogspot.com) Mini Quilt
Sept. 16 - Sarah (goer.org/sarah) Placemat
Sept. 17 - April (aprilrosenthal.com) Baby Bib
Sept. 18 - Nina (ninawithfreckles.wordpress.com) Mini Quilt
Sept. 19 - Konda (moosequilts.com) Small Quilt
Sept. 20 - Mary (seemaryquilt.com) Mini Quilt

Sept. 21 - Kylie (sewkylie.com) Patchwork "Sew" Wall Decor

It's been great having you all here and I hope you return soon.
I want to know!

Anyone else watch Hawaii 5-0?
We do... we are a little addicted ;)

Any book recommendations?


  1. i laughed at the inspiration image, and then couldn't believe brett had the same thought as me. haha.
    hawaii 5-0 would play at the gym when i would go on monday nights. that's basically the only time i ever saw it

    1. Hahahaha. I can't believe it either. 5-0 is on Netflix so we can binge watch it.