Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ahh, Now Thats Much Better

I posted this a couple of days ago but the pictures shamed me and didn't do justice to my work so here we go again. (P.S. Its now in our Etsy Shop)Don't you think the colors look so much better this time around?
Hey now, I think I spy something sneaky!
Yes yes! There it is! An inner zipper and pocket!
Lovely, I feel so much better now.
And here is one of my recent orders. Since this one has the traditional outer pocket and not an inner pocket (though if one were requested that could most def. be arranged) it is the more awesome tricked out version of this one so I am going to say that it belongs in the Second Generation category.

I'm totally loving on the flower, what about you?

I just can't stand the awesomeness of these scripture cases. I think a new door has been opened to a higher quality, I think flowers are going to be incorporated much more often.

Dispite all of this awesomeness I stayed up late last night thinking over a problem. This pink scripture case is for a little girl and I'm sure she is going to love it but I would be honored to carry it around. Its spans through the different generations. I think boy cases are going to be more difficult. My husband has a superman case is that because he is unique? I've made cases for my girl relatives, cousin, aunts, and grandma but none of the boys have ever asked for anything. Is that just because they are dudes? Or because they can't imagine anything they would want. I just don't know.


  1. it might be the fact you can't adorn the boys ones like you do with the girly ones...
    i don't think flowers or sequins would look too appropriate on a boy's case. haa haa

  2. Men's just have to be more simple. I don't know much about sewing, nor what your level of expertise is [besides amazing in my eyes], but I think men would prefer something masculine like leather cases. And of course there will be the awesome men who like superman or batman.