Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cake Class

Last night was my last cake class. I was very sad. I'm very grateful that my sister in law suggested that we take it. I learned a lot and found a wonderful new medium for my craftyness.

So in honor of my class here is a photo tribute of all the cakes I've done since beginning 7 weeks ago.

This blue thing is my first attempt I believe after two weeks of class. I don't think I am a fan at froofy traditional cakes. But for my first this isn't too bad.

Now I loved the 4th of July cake! I made the flowers 3 days ahead so that they would have time to harden. The flower lay out isn't exactly what I had planned but my board wasn't big enough. I improvised and I love how it turned out.

Desmond's Dino cake @ Chuck E. Cheese. I learned after making this cake to do the lining first. I think the two tone frosting distracts from that blunder and that this cake turned out okay in the end.

For week six we baked a cake and brought it into class to decorate. Brett said he thought it was very cheeky of me to bake a cake and bring home one I bought from the store. Again the traditional froofy cakes aren't really my favorite though this one turned out much better than my first (not surprising). It looks a bit wilted because it was very warm in our classroom and the butter cream did not hold up well. But check out that rose!

My most recent cake to date. I did this dinosaur landscape for Desmond's birthday at my Grandmas house. All edible the rice krispie treats are dinosaurs. The water is piping gel, the dirt is pureed oreos, the rocks marsh mellow fondant, and all the rest of the frosting is butter cream. Yum! Fun stuff huh? I had a great time making all of them.

Next cake on the list? My moms birthday cake. I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be gorgeous! But that isn't until the end of August so you'll just have to wait. :)

See you around. I may have a scripture case update later today hopefully by tomorrow morning.


  1. its good to see both my dino cake pans came to use for you :)
    i do like the blue and white cake between the two desi cakes. its very nice.
    yeah, i forgot to mention to do the lines of the dino first, and then the stars. with the character ones, its more of a coloring book feel.
    i take it rachel never went back to class?

  2. nope. She only went the once. That cupcake one is a pain in the butt though. I'm glad you loaned it to me but I don't think I'll be borrowing it again. Bah

  3. we tried it with brownies.
    they all stuck to it, and then fell apart.
    it was a real bummer