Monday, July 20, 2009

My Weekend

This is going to be a post of many pictures.

We are suppose to close on our house on July 27th so with us going to Grandmas on the 25th I really wanted to get out and have some fun this Saturday. We went over to our friends house and hung out with them for the day.

We went with them on their puppies first ever walk to the park. Lorelai thought it was great to follow the puppies and then was happy to be at the park of course. After that we went to lunch at El Rosal yum! Then we explored the bass pro shop! Man am I pumped up to go camping!

One of the happiest parts of the day was when I came home and found my prize had arrived! Whoot! Thank you Carrie for all the awesomeness!
2 Moda Layer Cakes!

5 Patterns!

1 Pillow from Moda Home!

Great stuff huh!

Now for the lame...
I tried making cake pops. It did not go so well. On Friday I made a 9X13 cake. While it cooled Lorelai and I went to a play date. When we got home I crumbled added the frosting and made the balls and stuck them in the fridge to firm up. I checked them Friday night. Not so firm. I checked them Saturday morning, Still not terribly firm. Finally Saturday night they were firm enough but I had had a long day and it was late so I let them stay in the fridge till Sunday after church when I stuck them all onto sticks and put them in Styrofoam to let the chocolate harden. They look just fine here.

It was the dipping the entire ball into the bowl that things totally fell apart. The candy didn't melt thin enough and the balls fell apart in the dipping. This is the best I got and it was even ruined because my mom tried to touch it.
Oh well. Bakerella mentions some thinning crystals that I'll have to get my hands on and try. Maybe it will turn out better next time.
My next baking project will be Desmond's cake for Grandmas house.
Next Sewing Project? Basket ball and soccer ball scripture cases.
Doesn't really matter though I guess because nothing gets to be done until I finish cleaning my room. That wont be much longer though.


  1. were they still yummy as they fell apart?

    and it looks like you'll have to give more of a shot at quilting with all those patterns you got. lol

  2. Oh yeah, they're pretty yum anyway.

    There are two patterns I'm particularly eager to try and then one of them is a pattern for ridiculously cute little pin cushions that should be fun.

  3. ooh very nice.
    i've been wanting cake
    but have had no reason to. lol