Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can't Remember Snazzy Title

Well, yesterday was crazy busy for me!! In the morning I had to get some meringue powder so that I could make some royal frosting to make some certain flowers for a certain holiday this Saturday. Plus I loaded up on powdered sugar because it was wicked cheap at Wally World. So as soon as Desmond's bus picked him up we went to the store and tried to pick up those things.

We went to the super Wal*mart but its ridiculously lame as far as shopping goes so we just picked up a cake mix and boogied outta there.

Then we went to the school Desmond will be attending Kindergarten this fall and checked out his new class. Lorelai had a great time and felt like she fit right in.

Then we went to Wally World to get what we couldn't find at the retarded one.

Home. Failed Lorelai nap attempt while I whipped up some royal frosting. Went and got the screaming baby (Desmond's now home) and I separated and colored my frosting and set aside.

Desmond and I then made the giant foot cookie for cub scouts (failed to get picture but it was pretty darn cool)

As I was putting the cookie in the oven the sister missionaries called to remind me about our visiting appointment at two. Oh right, 45 min... cookie will be done hopefully Lorelai will down sleeping.

Knocked out Lorelai and rode my bike over to meet the sisters. The guy we were suppose to visit wasn't home so we tried to go and visit two other guys they can never visit because the need a member with them but they weren't home either.

So home again where my baby had woken up. I cuddled with her until the daddy got home then I locked myself in my room with my ipod and frosting and made up some special flowers.


Rush to cub scouts. Only one boy showed up and Brett went to school with my key to the building so cub scouts... not so much. I took the foot home and frosted it and dropped it off by myself.

Bath and kisses for the baby and she's down for the night. Cutting time! All through SYTYCD I cut scripture cases and got 6.5 cut out!

I didn't have quite enough of the USC to make two cases. But oh well! I'll figure something out for that.

The Dragonflies (the only really girlie one) is one of my Scripture case orders. I run with her mom in the morning and yesterday when we got back she handed me the material and the woman I visit teach who comes to do Pilate's with her mom said, "Make sure you let me see that, I'm thinking Christmas gifts" I chuckled and said for sure for sure! and she said "I'm serious!"
Me too Sis. Sid me too. :)

That's all for yesterday. I only got the fabric cut out last night. I need to cut out all the batting today. yuck! Oh well that's my job for today and I have not planned to go anywhere. :D
So here I go!

Oh and here are some pics of my favorite sewing things for your viewing pleasure!

Springy scissors! These are the ones Brett dropped his cheeseburger on and I had to take apart and clean and have never been the same but what are you going to do? They are still way more awesome than regular scissors.

My pin magnet. I think Lorelai loves it just as much as I do (different reasons though :D)


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