Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Trip to the Happiest Place in Modesto

I got paid for another scripture case today so what do I do with it? Well, spend it on the rest of the material required to fill the order and it was great!

Joann's is having a buy two yards of novelty fabric get a third yard free and since the required fabrics for my orders are pretty generic as far as boys go I decided to get a yard each (rather than the minimum 1/4yard required) and got a third boy type fabric free. Whoot! Plus the iron on letters were buy one get one free so I really scored with those too because my customer specifically requested names on the cases.
Soccer balls for Jack

Basket balls for Robby

Any Boy

And just for your viewing pleasure and her future mortification....
Here is Lorelai's first attempt at shaving her legs, Age 1


  1. well, at least she'll learn young.

    i like the names on the cases
    esp. the ball usage in the name robby.
    the fabric for a generic boy case is nice.
    isn't too sport or team specific.

  2. For the record there is not a razor head on that stick. Goofy girl.
    I'm glad you like the stuff. I'm pretty excited about how these cases will turn out. But I have a tiny fear in the back of my head that I've got the names backward so the names being put on will come very very last. after she gets back from her trip and I can double triple check.

  3. well if they're backwards all you have to do is swap the letters, right?

  4. Yeah but I have to wait 9 days before I know if I've got it right.

  5. Happiest place in Modesto, huh? ;)