Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ahhh! I've got to get out of this lazy slump!!

Its directly linked.

If I get up an go running I get a lot done during the day, especially sewing.

If I don't go running I have very lazy days.

Since summer began we haven't been running until 6 am. Most people will say "holy cow! 6 am is hecka early to go running"

Not so much, I feel it is too late.

We were running at 4:45 M,W and 5:00 T,TH,F. Brett is driving to work at that time and would call me and yack my ear off forcing me to wake up.

Now he is at work when I need to be waking up and I can't bring myself to wake up on mt own. So I am not getting up and going running and thus not getting anything done through out the day! Unfortunately this has gone on for a while and its got to stop!

I did get up and run yesterday morning and I did get some sewing done :) and even though we don't have a dinner menu for the week, because I wasn't here this weekend, I whipped up some dinner with the supplies we had on hand. And I got all of our laundry done, not just clothing backed up over a week, but bed linens and towels too!

Today I did not wake up and run and I've wasted a lot of time on the comp. I did try to take Desmond to the free family movie at Regal but that was a major bust. Oh well.

So where am I as far as sewing stands? I am partially done with my last 3 scripture case orders and then I'll be sewing some bags for the craft fair, who we've finally heard a bit from. Should be getting our letters back soon.

Back to the bags. I've got five coming up, so far. With my payment from the scripture case orders I'll buy the needed supplies to complete those five bags and hopefully a few more. We'll see.

That reminds me, I've been commissioned to make a dress for a friends little girl. Exciting! I already have the fabric and such so that will be purely profit which can also go to the craft fair, yay!

Sorry this was kind of a wild all over the place post but whatever, it is what it is!

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  1. that's so exciting about the dress!
    i just got an email about someone interested in family portraits, and hopefully that will be good for something :)
    6am is much too early to run.
    hence why i don't hit the gym until like... 7:30... pm. haa haa