Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting this is my first attempt at blogging with Zementa we'll see how it goes.

Well I am totally excited for my cake decorating class tonight. I finally get to drill my teacher for the answers to the questions that I have been accumulating through out the week. I used mt frosting that I made Sunday night (though it doesn't taste like hers) to do some practicing of stars shells and backwards C's and everything else I've learned so far. Conclusion? I need more practice on backward C's, I'll get about 6 that are looking nice and then suddenly I mess up and go the wrong way or something. Oh well I had a good time. I wont be practicing today though because I have lots of sewing, at least cutting out to do!

Emily has really inspired me with her obsessive cutting done yesterday. I have built up quite a few football fabrics for scripture cases and need to get down and dirty with cutting them out and sewing!

I also need to send in our Bella Vista applications. Oy. I think I'll go turn over the laundry and do that now.

al-..." style="border:none;display:block" width="150" height="92">Image by Getty Images via Daylife

This is what Zementa generated thinking it related to my article....


  1. what is this zementa you speak of?
    and i can't tell what it generated. unless thats your point. haa haa.
    good luck at cake class!

  2. Yes that was my point. It was a picture of al kida that the blog wouldn't even post properly because the link was retarded.