Thursday, June 4, 2009

Its crazy!

Oh my goodness!

Seriously, it was as innocent as a text message.
Em Txts: Hey, if I find a craft fair would you be interested in sharing a booth?
Me: Heck yes!

Thats all it took, now I'm looking up all possible fairs and filling in a sellers permit form. That form is its own special breed of crazy but if we make it to the fair it should be tons of fun! I hope so!

The crazy thing is sewing up myself an inventory. This particular fair requires photos of your inventory 4 mos in advance, sooo intense.
What do I want to sell?
Scripture Cases
Throw Pillows(?)
Peasant Blouses and Skirts (kids&baby)
Onsie Dresses(?)
Baby Blankets
My brain is blanking. there may be more I just can't think of it.

What other stuff are we going to need?
Labels for all of our items
Ways to display them
Blanking again, it took me over an hour to fall asleep last night thinking about all this. I'm going to go play with my baby that should help me clear my head.

BTW:I've added a new item to mine and ems Etsy store you can view it here:
I should be adding one more item tonight :)

1 comment:

  1. You and Emi I swear! You guys have so much talent its unbearable sometimes!
    Emi talks about your kiosk dreams a lot so its exciting to see you guys are taking initiave to do this! Good luck, I will definitely be there to drool over your stuff. [And finally meet the infamous Lisa!]

    By the way, thanks for the advice on the tiara I appreciate it! I also realized after your reply I didn't even post the picture of it front view. *dork =)