Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sew Here Are The Numbers

Dorky title huh? I know :)

Well as my readers know, not because I posted about this but because my one reader is Emily and she and I text like mad, any way as my readers know, yesterday was our first Showcase.

Showcase, on Etsy, is for you to show off a particular item in hopes of bringing more people to your site, more views and more sales. How did we do?

First of all the Showcased Item---> This is Claire, Fri night she had 12 hits. This morning 33.

Lorelai! Had 13 views Friday night and 16 views this morning .

Bekah! Had 9 view Fri night and 13 this morning.

As for mine and Emily's bags


Dinosaurs------------------ N/A------7
Total Sales: 0
My goal in this endeavor is to never be discouraged. Emily and I are living our dream and we are only just beginning. This was our first attempt at minor league advertising and it did get us some hits, and that's good. This was under the Holiday showcase. In a couple of weeks we will be putting on a Clothing showcase. Very exciting because we will have the opportunity to compare and contrast! lol.
See you around. I still have to tell you all about the house hunting adventures from yesterday.


  1. i also noticed in the showcase we really weren't up against that many other people. majority was 4th of july with 1 fathers day, and 1 christmas one. so with the numbers pretty much doubling for the showcased item, thats not bad at all.
    once i get a few more bags listed - since i have yet to sew them, i may concider showcasing one of them to get that part of our shop out there as well.
    well here is to a decent first week, and hope that next week will bring more.
    i'll try and log into my other blog site and post some links to our store on the DIY selling communities i have listed.

  2. Whoooo! Exciting news!!
    Go you guys!