Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Enjoy Me Some Butter Cream Frosting

Well, when I was getting married to the awesome Brett my mom and I went to make some final decisions about my wedding cake. When I asked if I wanted butter cream frosting I said, sure. My mom said, ew really? and I said whatever. I knew I was going to maybe get to eat a bite of cake so as long as it looked like what I wanted and was funfetti I really didn't care what kind of frosting was on it.Now I know my mom is crazy. I took my first cake decorating class last night and I am now a huge fan of butter cream! I'm not going to lie, I licked my fingers quite a bit! Our instructor went over types of cake and frosting and then talked a bit about each tip then we got to work!

We used tip 30 and learned to make stars, shells, backwards c's, and a simple basket weave. I found the shells fairly difficult but after about 80 I began to feel like if I were to keep practicing the should looks pretty nice lol. I had a really good time and can't wait to practice here at home and learn some more stuff! 'Til next Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you're having lots of fun over here -- I LOVE your adorable banner. Sounds like you had fun at cake decorating class -- I love cake decorating -- if only all that hard work didn't disappear so fast!

  2. you already did more in your first class than i did in a month of mine!
    we never did the basket weave at all.
    pretty much just basics. and the rose
    shells and stars are my fave... super easy...
    just gotta remember how to do the shells now. lol