Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love Sewing!

Oh my heck, story of my life, I am waiting for my mom to get ready. I could be sewing right now but not so much.

This is sounding like grouch time so I'm going to air a few other grievances as well.

I am sooo tired!
Monday night Emily tested me at about 8:30 PM, I got that. She then e-mailed me at 8:50 ish and I was asleep, didn't get it until morning.
Last night I was passed out by 8 o'clock and I couldn't get up this morning to go run and ended up sleeping in until 7:10 and I still feel tired. Crazy I know and I have to stay up and watch SYTYCD tonight. hee hee

Anyway. As I alluded to with my title, I love sewing! I've got some ideas to take my scripture cases to the next level and I can't wait to work on them (if only my mom would get ready already so I can dump her off at work so I can come home and get to work!).
ALSO, one of the blogs I follow, Portabello Pixie written by designer Sandi Henderson had an exciting update last night. She is writing some new patterns and has asked for volunteer sample sewers. SO I contacted her immediately! I'm sew sew sew excited!! (Dang I never realized how much I enjoy a good pun! lol) I hope I hear back, in case you couldn't tell I totally want to do that! Love!

From Grouching to Gushing, I've lost my mind. I'm tired. Its only 9 am. I've just gotta go while I'm ahead.

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  1. hah
    way to fall asleep on me. :P
    brett texted me goodnight last night
    it was rather odd... sometimes i worry about him.
    im so glad we have this dvr thing now, cuz im schedualed to work 3 till 9:30 tonight... *sigh*
    other than that, i'll hopefully get something sewn today... or more likely finished...