Friday, June 5, 2009

Its 9 am, how much have you done?

Good morning!

I think it is pretty wicked that SYTYCD on Thursdays is only one hour and waits to start until 9 to start. Twelve hours ago I was tracing sewing patterns onto wrapping saying "finally!" I should think that if the show starts @8 on Wednesdays for the 2 hrs it should start @8 on Thursday too!!. It forced me to stay up late again and boy was it hard to get up and run this morning! But I did it so, go me! I think the other members of team long tie would be proud of me :)

So I've been up since 5 (quarter to actually, Brett couldn't wait any longer before calling me) and what have I done?
5:15 Went run run run with my running buddies
5:45 Dawdled around talking before going home
6:15 Showered and ate pre breakfast (water and a granola bar)
6:30 Started sewing
7:30 Lorelai woke up so I removed her from bed and took time to snuggle my half asleep baby
7:45 Threw Desmond on the bus
7:50 Made and ate Breakfast with my favorite wee one
8:00 Went back to sewing
8:45 Finished super awesome sewing.
8:57 Started blogging :)

So here I am. Finished a shirt this morning, yeah I pretty much rock. For now I'm done sewing until Lorelai goes down to nap. I'm going to take the time to play with the midge and let her help me pick up the house a bit; good times. Then at 3 o'clock a photo shoot! One of my friends daughters is modeling the shirt I made this morning. Should be fun. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. hm 9 am... i was asleep :P
    can't wait to see what this shirt looks like!
    i need to get sewing...
    i also need to clean my room as well *sigh*