Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Mystery of the Incomplete Cases

Well it's not a mystery at all. Last night I made a scripture case and this morning I made another. While both seem to be done, they are not.
This is going to be my scripture case to love and to use. Its quite nearly done mut I am going to sew up a decorative flower (inspired by Lorelai's hair clip flowers) to place on the pocket.

Here are some more angles

(I love my serger!!)

This is the case I made last night. I decided to go with an experimental pocket and I quite like how it turned out except there is a defect I need to fix. The defect fortunatly isn't visable in these pictures but I'm not going to post it for sale until I fix it and place the final touch! Intrigued? Well its kind of a suprise! Ha


Alright, Thats all for now :D


The Lady Bug is complete!

The lady bug is to sell. Here is my dillema. How do I draw in the LDS crowd? Because honestly I believe these would go like hot cakes! Esp. my football teams. But how do I target them? How do I draw them in to see my stuff? Ariana, are you working on our business cards? lol
I kinda have an intended client for this one but I'm not sure how to go about it. :]


  1. that zebra one is so you...
    i wonder if there are any lds blog groups or anything that you can join.
    is the pocket elastic accross the top?

  2. The Lady Bug is shirred across the top with two rows. And you know you have a good idea. I bet there is an LDS blog community I could. I'm going to look into it and let you know how that goes.

    Hmm does saying it is so me mean you think its nice? Or is that your way of avoiding saying you don't like it? ha ha

  3. I like the cases. Way cute!
    I'd love to work on the business cards but I need to know what you want on them.
    IE: info/name/contact info/pictures/ideas-- whatever you got. You can email me at
    caffeine_fiend [at] hotmail [dot] com and we can talk about it. =)
    Emily told me to talk to you since you were "running the show".

  4. lol.
    i totally did tell her you were running the show.
    so that isn't ariana making up false truths....
    this time :P

    i told her [ariana] i wanted her face on our business cards...