Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm just going to write off yesterday and move on. It was just a downer of a day.

But today is a new day! I'm trying to organize my craft stuff because it is starting to take over the front room. Fabric, fabric everywhere. I love it but its probably going to start bugging others pretty soon :) Only problem is there aren't many other places for it all to go. I can't wait until I have an entire room devoted to all of this stuff and can set up a wonderful storage system. If we get the ugly house 1 of our 6 rooms will be devoted soley to sewing and scraping. Wooo!

Know what we are thinking of for our rooms?
Room One: Master bedroom, Mine and Bretts room (duh)
Room Two: Wee ones room
Room Three: Crafting room
Room Four: Storage
Room Five: Guest room
Room Six: Guest room

If we get pregnant and have a girl she can share with Lorelai or if we get pregnant with a boy we can convert one of the guest bedrooms. So fun huh?

Hmmm I'm kinda just musing right now. I'm waiting for my MIL to pick me up, she is carting me off to my Dr. appt today. Then its cleaning for the rest of the day for me! Thats not so bad. I've got a lot to look forward to in the next couple of days.

1. Tonight we've got SYTYCD results. Great opening show last night by the way! My faves?
The first lyrical hip hop by Tabitha and Napoleon
The crash test dummies by Wade Thompson (I'm a huge fan of his (T&N too really))
The contemporary by Mandy Moore
Love it. I'm so glad they've added Bollywood.
I can't wait to see the group dance tonight :D

2. Brett has Friday off!! At Bretts work they get one day of their birthday month off, which ever they choose. He couldn't get his actual birthday off so he picked tomorrow. Love. I'm excited.

3. Saturday (Fri. too) Is recital day! But I am going Saturday night and get to hang out with the Emily and Aileen while Brett stays home with midge and Salmon where he will be joined by Josh and posibly Markham for Man Date '09!!! Lol its just cracking me up. Lorelai and Des will go to bed at 7 and then it is party time till the break of dawn! Ha! Its too much. I can't handle it.

Ooop time to go.

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  1. the contemporary was the one with the brother and the blonde girl right? - the one who was married?
    i really enjoy tabitha&napoleon.
    i do miss some of shane spark's numbers because of how good he was, but t&n are amazing!
    the crash test dummies was too fun!

    and i like the idea of a craft room.
    you lucky punk :P