Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Still no sales! Its a bit painful. My wild purse was at 30 views and is now at 116. That's great and some people marked it as a favorite but come on already! Give in and buy something! I swear! Oh well. I guess we'll just keep persevering and plodding on.

I've got a load of football scripture cases to make, still have to figure out how to draw in the LDS crowd from that one, but in the mean time I'll start sewing up a bunch. Plus I have some cute new fabric to make Lorelai another of those wickedly cute blouses. Sure I could figure out other styles but I'm still really in love with this one.

I'm reading a good book right now. Its My Sisters Keeper (just came out in theatres) and its great I just wish there weren't so many f bombs dropping. I don't see the need for any of those in spoken language even more so in literature! I mean each one just slaps you in the face. But that aside the story is very captivating.

Another random thought. I can't wait to go to my cake class on Tues. After making my cake the other day I have a load of questions for my teacher. Plus I'm really looking forward to lily making!! In a few weeks we'll be doing roses she said that will take the entire session to work on I can't wait for that either. Happiness.

Alright. I have a few minutes before breakfast and before Brett gets back from work so I am going to go read my book.

By the Way, Desmond just can't leave these alone. Lol, its going to be a long 9 days.

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  1. lol.
    atleast he looks interested in the pans
    haa haa.
    i'm actually going to see my sister's keeper is on tuesday with kasey, jenny and possibly ariana. i hope to read the book... sooner or later :P