Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pulling an Emily

Tuesday I pulled an Emily an didn't get to bed until 3:30 AM!!! My husband has been super anticipating the next Transformers like crazy so he actually got Wednesday off so that we could go to the Midnight show of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Great stuff! The movie was every bit as awesome as the first. Brett is debating with himself about weather or not it was better than the first. At 10 PM we were let into the theatre and were "entertained" by the other movie goers around us. We had to go to Brenden as they were the only ones that had any tickets left, and I just feel that a lower class of people frequents Brenden. I much prefer Regal. Worse than the people were the millions of advertisements trying to sell advertising space before the move. Even worse than that? The excruciating amount of pictures of Johnny Brendan CEO. In searching for a picture to demonstrate the awefulness I discovered that the pics in the theatre ads about himself are insanely photo shopped! He is all wrinkly and old looking in the link. Yuck, can't stand it. Any way here are the before and after pics of people much less wrinkly and way more attractive!

Before the movie Brett wishing he had taken a nap.

After the movie Brett hyped up from the excitement of the show.

Me? I really enjoyed it in spite of the increase in B & A words and sexual innuendos, I just ignored those. Ha

Well to satisfy the curiosity of Emily, these pics were all taken on the grandma camera. I am totally lovin' on that lil' thing. All the pics in this post have been taken my that camera.

Any how back to everyday life, Tuesday was a day packed full of fun for me! First of all Emily came down and we hung out all day. She had to endure some house buying nonsense but fortunately that didn't overwhelm our day and we were able to get these done...

Our labels! Should you go here and buy something said item will contain one of these labels letting you know which awesome company and person they came from!

Another fun thing that happened esp. for Em was the Lorelai silliness. Lorelai is a momma's girl (fine by me!) but she's very picky about who can pick her up and play with her when we go out. However Em came to us and Lorelai had lots of fun playing with her.

Cute isn't it?

Also had my cake class Tuesday night. I'm really enjoying that class. The teacher is doggone hilarious any way we made these

Pretty neat huh? I made a load of them and really only started to get the hang of it towards the end. They are on top of the cabinets hardening. Next week we are going to make Lilies. It has inspired me to start making cakes and practicing, so yesterday I made this.

It looks pretty OK. I tried my teachers slow bake cake method and it did not turn out well. Very hard edges and dry insides. I must have missed some cooking tip that she had said but didn't actually type up for us. I also made the butter cream icing from her recipe and it turned out all right, pretty good consistency but it didn't taste at all like the stuff she brings to class. I persevered any way since my goal was to decorate an actual cake.
I used tips 33 and 4. Shell border on the bottom and star border on the top with 33 and a simple drape around the cake with 4. I was going to get a little more intense with the drape but I was running out of time before having to clean up dinner and I wanted to get my stars on. Not my favorite cake I've ever seen but I am still learning. It will be fun to compare this one with one I make after my class is over.
Good times, good times.
My baby is grouchy this morning so I'm sorry if this post seemed all over the place but you get what you get! See you soon.

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  1. oh silly dorito eating baby...
    she's defn more energetic when she has home field advantage. haa haa.
    that cake is super cute :)

    did you find any grandma pictures "trapped" in the camera? lol