Monday, June 29, 2009

Walmart, Thou Hast Failed Me.

I am sad. I went out to Walmart this morning on a mission and was woefully disappointed. Our original Walmart has been having a make over and is twist turned all around and half of the fabric has disappeared. They did not have the orange with dark blue polka dots or dark blue with orange polka dots that my heart so greatly desires, and the ribbon! I could have sneezed and hit all of the ribbon that they had. It was shameful to say the least. So I wandered over to the cake section which is also pretty sparse and bought a cake leveler, some clear vanilla, and some dyes!

Don't they look so nice?

Oh BTW! I'm so excited, I got two scripture case orders yesterday! Haha. One is a second time buyer. I made one case for her daughter for her baptism and now her older daughter needs a new one aaaaannd this is the really exciting part!! Wait for it wait for it....... Someone followed my link on facebook saw and liked the scripture case in our shop and was wondering if I make boy cases. Heck yes I do! Both customers are going to pick out their desired fabrics and hand them over for sewing! So while its exciting I can't get on it yet because I've got to wait for the fabric. But I'm excited, can you tell?

I finished the quilt for my friend but never posted it so here it is!

Nice? Whatever you say, I like them. I have more ideas for better wipe containers luckily Em scored me some more :D Love it.

And for your viewing pleasure, cute baby picture for the day...

(Lorelai & Brett @ Nights Ferry 6/25/09)

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  1. congrats on the scripture case order!
    i'm going to put an angelina ballerina bag together today - hopefully - and use it the next week and a half as i sub dance classes to carry my music and stickers in... in hopes to get interest of moms there...
    perhaps i'll whip up some temporary business cards to use until we figure out what we like.
    i totally know the feeling about wal mart.
    we went to one awhile back looking for superman fabric, and instead of the section being sparce... it was COMPLETELY gone.
    good thing it wasn't one we usually frequent, or i would have been VERY bummed.
    p.s. in my rut of realizing my summer boredom, i was looking for jobs online, and found a michaels thats hiring for a "paper craft specialist" aka scrapbook section...
    i might just have to apply!