Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Feel Better Now

Here is my finishing touch for the zebra scripture case. Two nights ago I made the layers of the flower and set them out nicely to work on yesterday morning. So, yesterday when I got back from my run I looked at the two pieces and showed my mom so she could admire them. I went and took a shower and when I came back out they flower pieces were gone! Bum bum bum... I looked on the floor and found the pink piece but could not find the stripes!. I was so mad I couldn't bring myself to be crafty on anything else. This morning I took my dads car to meet my friends for our run and lo and behold there on the passenger seat was the striped piece! We have no idea how it got there but I am just glad I was able to find it and finish of my case!

+ This

I said I wasn't able to do anything else crafty but that was until just before SYTYCD came on I noticed Bekah's field trip shirt and how super plain boring it was and inspiration washed over me and I couldn't resist cute-ing it up! Now for the rest of summer whenever she goes on a field trip she can wear this!
I told Em last night as I was working on it that I don't understand why I always forget that I hate wonder under and this is why, because it looks so stinking awesome when it is done! Bekah thought it was so cute this morning when she saw it and I just have to agree. I am in love :D

Everything was made by me :D So exciting.
I was playing with the Nikkon the other day and practicing my photog skills and wanted to share them with you! For your viewing pleasure...


  1. the one of baby and desi along side the pool is super cute :P
    as well as the side profile of just her :P

  2. For all the trouble I went through for you to have the ability to comment again that one was pretty dinky! I imagine you did it from your phone since at 4:30 you were suppose to be at work. ha

    The side profile is the desk top back ground on our computer :)

  3. Those pictures are freakin' adorable!
    Definitely love the profile shot as well. Soo cute!
    For the record, I think Emily got off work at like four or something. [Lucky girl]

  4. ooh if i could update from my phone, i would
    ha ha i don't need to learn how...
    i already facebook update enough from my phone... haa haa