Monday, June 15, 2009

And Monday Starts With a Bang

And totally not a good bang!

I was txting Em last night and telling her how I was completely look forward to morning because I would go for my run! and before Lorelai woke up I would get to sew! and then she would wake up and we'd get to play! and then it would be nap time! which as you enlightened few know is sew time! I love love love my every day life. After a great 3 day weekend with my husband I was really looking forward to my regular day.

This morning I got up and did my run, as planned.
I came home and did pilates, as planned.
I took a shower, as planned.
I got out my sewing machine, as planned.
BUT just as I was about to start sewing I hear over the baby monitor "hi baby!"
Excuse me? Desmond! Why are you in babies room?
That's right. Desmond wandered in and woke Lorelai up an hour early. You've got to be kidding me.
So, I made her breakfast and started sewing, a little later than planned.
Then we cuddled and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as planned.
When the phone rings, you can't really plan for that.
"Hello, Jan? Janna can you hear me?" Says a deep, British voice.
"This is Lisa speaking"
Now I'm thinking "This sounds like Uncle Colin but not nearly goofy enough it must be..."
"Oh, hello lovey, this is Darryl"
"Ha! I was right! But Uncle Darryl never calls, just not the chatty type, I wonder whats wrong?"
"Is your mom gone to work already"
"Not so much, let me find her"
So I hand off the phone still wondering what is going on.

Apparently my Annie (grandma to normal people) suffered two heart attacks earlier today and was being rushed to the ER for immediate surgery.

We know now that she is fine and will pull through it. That couple of hours while we waited was pretty rough. She will be getting a permanent pace maker put in on Wednesday and the goal is to get her healthy and hopping in time for her trip to America as planned for this fall. We are praying praying praying. Its been 9 years since we last saw her. She has never met my Husband, Baby or even Bekah or Desmond. If we don't see her this fall Darryl thinks it is unlikely we will see her again this side of the veil. heavy.

But for now its all good, so onto business for today.

We had another showcase this past Saturday and still no sales but the views keep coming. I've made a chart to show the progress!

_______Friday Sunday

We've got some good numbers here! Everyone had an increase in views with our showcase item nearly doubling its numbers. This was another Holiday showcase. This Saturday we've got a Clothing showcase and the clothing showcase is much more popular and sells out very quickly. We shall see what that does for our stats and maybe sales? Lol one can hope. We are doing good :)

Well I've got some work cut out for me. Quite literally. Yesterday I cut fabric out for a shirt for Lorelai and two scripture cases, one for me and one to sell. Lol, I'll tell you more about that later haa haa. I've already finished Lorelai's shirt this morning I'll snap a pic once a wrangle it on her. I used up her allotted amount patience for picture taking this morning in my effort to get this pic!

Thanks Em! She loves it!


Lorelais new shirt :D


  1. i love that you changed the bows to match whatever outfit, in the same day.
    silly baby needs to look at the camera!
    that second shirt is super cute :)
    are you using a pattern for these, or is it something you came up with?

  2. Adorable pictures, and adorable shirt!
    And of course gorgeous baby! =)

    My prayers are with your family and your grandmother. Stay strong!

  3. Pink bows would have just looked yucky with a yellow and red shirt.
    The shirt is from the boutique pattern I bought. I'm so in love with it. I hope I get to sample sew her new patterns :)