Tuesday, April 8, 2014


First things first,
Today's Chore: Laundry.
Ugh, gag me with a spoon. I kept forgetting to get quarters last week so there was a bumload to do today.
Done! It didn't take toooo long but you can see why I didn't start project work until 1.

See that! Already something in there again! Such is the evil nature of laundry...Moving on...

So for day two of KCW I decided to photo document my project every 20 minutes. Turns out it is pretty boring to see pics every 20 minutes but I did it and now you get to aesthetically feast on the out come.

1:00pm I started with Lorelai's shirt, here we are ready to iron on the freezer paper strips.
1:20, I decided to iron the strips straight across the front and back of the shirt at the same time in an effort to keep my lines lined up. Time to fabric paint.
1:40, stripes painted and dry. Freezer paper is reusable so I pulled them off and replaced them to keep the stripes going up the top.
1:40 More stripes ironed on, I had stopped for a couple of minutes to feed Kent.
2:00 more stripes painted, dry, and ready to move on.
2:20 Shirt front and back done, sleeves done. Time for Kent's shirt.
2:40 Time to iron on Kent stripes. His are a little wider and further apart.
3:20 Yellow stripes painted, moving on to red.
3:30 Time to stop and get dressed to pick Lorelai up from the bus.
5:30 Brett comes home and points out the McDonald-ness of Kent's shirt. I agree, start to hate it, and scrap that idea. Thanks to this blog post I know that I wasted precisely 50 minutes on it. Fantastic. Tomorrow is another day.

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