Friday, April 11, 2014

Sew I Made A Berkshire Blazer

Hey Everyone!
As you my have noticed from my Instagram, I have been sewing a Berkshire Blazer. It is a pattern made by the talented Melly Sews. It was already in my plans to make outfits for the kids to wear to Greg's wedding next week but when Melly announced her sew along for the blazer I knew it was just what I needed and just in time!
I purchased and downloaded the pattern easy peasy and it printed out and fit together like a dream. The only problem I really had with it was when it came to the collar instructions. I could not for the life of me figure out what the instructions wanted me to do. Once I did manage to decipher what I was suppose to do the phrase, "you will have to stretch one of your fabrics to fit". That was a problem. None of my fabric was the slightest bit stretchy. Not even on the bias! What is up with that I don't know. I was pretty upset at my blazer at that point but once I got it all figured out I was good to go. I think that now that I know what is going on it'll be much easier to do my next blazer and There Will Be a Next Blazer :)

So here we go. My finished product!

Brett was helping us take pictures and he thought giving Kent a stick would be helpful...

One design change I decided on was to put in a welt pocket. The pattern called for a patch pocket and I just wasn't feeling it. I'm glad I went with my gut because I LOVE the look of the welt pockets.
I couldn't get Kent to just hold open his jacket so I could get a shot of the lining that Brett hates so much. Instead I had Kent jump, jump, jump and hoped that one of the 23 pictures would show the lining. Mom win! A couple did and there it is. It may make Brett gag but Kent loves peeking in at his kitties.
Kent was pooped after all the jumping and only gave me sitting down pictures and I don't mind because how cute is this next picture? Love this boy.
Then we felt it was necessary to give daddy kisses for his photography help and the cuteness was too much for me to handle. I had to share.

How fun is that outfit? I'm totally in love and can't wait for Kent to wear it to the wedding next week. I also can't wait to show you the pics of Lorelai and Kent together in their wedding wear, be sure to check in on Monday to see! You don't want to miss it!Follow on Bloglovin


  1. how cute is he? great job. I love your choice of fabric! ADORABLE!

  2. It turned out so cute! I'll be featuring this May 2.