Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So Wednesday is hands down my busiest day of the week. I never get to get my crafty on, on a Wednesday. Since this is KCW I made an exception. I'm not going to lie, it was exhausting. I'm pooped, exhausted, going to bed.

Today's Chore: Errands
First thing Wednesday morning I spend a couple hours helping in Lorelai's classroom. I love seeing the dynamic of her classroom and knowing which kids are friends or not. It's also great to help her teacher with all of the repetitive time sucking things they just don't have time fore. I don't know how kindergarten teachers have time to get anything done! Finally and most importantly, Lorelai loves that I come to her class.
Next Kent and I get the grocery shopping done for the week. After hitting up a couple stores this pregnant momma has to get everything up to our fourth floor apartment. It forces me to get a little creative.
Then in the afternoon Kent and I take Lorelai to her dance classes.

It's all very time consuming so you can see why I don't usually get my sew on, on a Wednesday, BUT it's KCW soo...
I fit what work I could, in when I could so the pictures are pretty much just a hodge podge of whatever was happening when I managed to remember my camera.

001 002 004 006 008
The End. Until tomorrow.

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