Friday, April 11, 2014


Today's Chore: Floors
A little rant before we get started okay? Does it enrage anyone else when their kitchen/dining room floor gets cluttered with non-kitchen/dining room related things?
Oh my goodness, it drives me nuts, but funnily enough it is totally the first chore I let go when I get on a sewing fest. So after several days of neglect I decided to address the issue. I cleaned up the clutter and got out the mop and it felt so much better to work without who's its and what's its under foot!
Now on to the project...
These posts are getting a little redundant aren't they? Haha, this process turned out to be SLOW! Only two pictures today. Enjoy anyway. 001 003
I'm so happy to say that these stars are FINALLY all bleached and ready to go. The darker ones are wet but will be dry in the morning. I'm so excited to finally get to the sewing! I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

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