Saturday, April 12, 2014


Saturday! It's the weekend! I almost never sew on the weekend.  There isn't enough time with all of our getting out and about but it's KCW and Brett went to play football this morning so I took advantage of the time. Since I never get to sew on Saturday anyway I am treating myself with no chore for today :D Straight to sewing!

I finally, finally got to the sewing portion of this project and it felt so good! Well after I got past this stage...

I tried this stretch thread after reading a glowing post about it. Let me tell you it was a PAIN IN THE BUTT. Sorry to get so graphic but this thread was obnoxious. All went back to normal after I switched back to my usual, all-purpose cotton thread.

The shirt is all sewed together, just needs some final details. The jeans still need a waistband and back pockets! But that is a job for another week. Time to be with the fam!

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